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Vizsla breeder, show fancier, and lifelong dog enthusiast.
Purebred dogs are my passion.
Envizion Dogs is where it begins.

Located in Bloomington, Indiana

I've been actively showing dogs for over twenty years, as a third-generation dog fancier, Vizsla breeder, and professional handler. In the sport of dogs, there is no substitution for hard work and experience.


We do things a little different here at Envizion. We do not keep a waiting list, but we do take reservations once puppies are born. We try to keep the website up to date with our available litters. Feel free to contact to see is our babies are right for you.


Sporty but affectionate they are the ultimate companion. This resilient breed can adjust to fit almost any lifestyle. We pride our healthy, beautiful dogs but the charismatic temperament is the hallmark of our breeding program.


Not just pretty faces and balls of fur. Alaskan Malamutes are sure to get you heart rate up everyday. They enjoy a challenge and are best suited for experienced dog owners. Contact us to find your next adventure.

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